St. John’s curriculum follows the Archdiocese of Baltimore Course of Study. In addition to the content areas of math, science, language arts, and social studies, our elementary and middle school students attend specialty classes including Spanish, religion, art, music, computer, library and gym. They participate in Accelerated Reader, a program that promotes reading and enhances comprehension. Religion class not only provides the foundation of Catholic teachings but also prepares students to receive their sacraments. Students attend mass regularly with their class and together as a school.

Our skilled and enthusiastic teachers and faculty are dedicated to our students. With an overall ratio of one teacher to ten students, our teachers can help each child meet his/her individual needs. The already small classes are divided into flexible learning groups for subjects such as math and language arts to put like learners together. Teachers plan engaging and educational field trips and groom students for academic competitions.

Technology is an important component of daily learning at St. John’s. SMART Boards throughout the main school allow teachers to project lessons which they can upload to their teacher websites. We have a mobile cart with Microsoft Surface tablets loaded with apps for student projects and classroom activities. Our technology center provides a computer for each student during computer classes and is available for teachers to reserve as needed. We’re proud of the WSJE Broadcast Studio, where student-run morning announcements are broadcast throughout the campus.

From the Archdiocese of Baltimore:
Dr. Edmondson's video on math curriculum revision.
For frequently asked questions about the new math curriculum, click here.
For information about AOB Standards and Curriculum, click here

Class Spotlights
Our faculty does an amazing job of engaging our students and implementing our curriculum. Take a look at the Class Spotlights slideshow to see what our classes have been learning recently.

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