Extra-Curricular Activities

St. John the Evangelist offers many supplementary programs and activities that provide an opportunity for academic enrichment, social engagement, and spiritual growth.

Fall Clubs

Altar Serving (5th-8th)

Art Club

Band (4th-8th)

Girls & Boys Basketball (6th-8th)

Book Club (K-1) and (2-3)

Broadcasting (7th-8th)

Chess Club (4th-8th)

Choir (4th-8th)

Drama Club (6th-8th)
Drama Club Calendar

Garden Club

Homework Club (K-8th)

Math Club (K-2 / 3-5)

Musical Theatre (3rd -5th)

Newspaper (6th-8th)

New Freedon Art Club (K-4)

Fitness Challenge (K-5th)

Running Club (4th-8th)

Safety Patrol (5th-8th)

Social Action Club (4th-8th)

Science Explorers Club (1st-5th)

Student Council (6th-8th)

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