HASA Lunches
HASA offers Hot Dog Lunch on Fridays (Thursdays during Lent) and Pizza Lunch on our monthly Spirit Day.
October HASA Lunches

Wholesome Tummies' WT Cafe
Wholesome Tummies offers catered lunches on Mondays and Fridays. Ordering from WT Cafe is done online.
Information, Register for WT Cafe, How to Order Once Registered

Milk is delivered to the children's classrooms daily.
Milk Order Form


Immunizations & Health Assessment 

In order to complete your registration, an Immunization Record and Health Assessment must be completed and up-to-date. Maryland School Immunization Regulations require that children be immunized according to a specific schedule in order to attend school. Please find the schedule that applies to your child and cross reference it with his/her shot record. It may be helpful to take this schedule with you to the pediatrician's office with the other forms below.
Preschool Requirements
Kindergarten Requirements, Grades 1-8 Requirements

These two forms must be completed by you and your child's pediatrician and submitted to the school office before the first day of school: Maryland Immunization Certificate and MD Schools Record of Physical Examination.

Allergy Policy
Please read this letter from our school nurse and principal regarding our allergy policy.

Medication Policy 
St. John the Evangelist Catholic School follows the Archdiocesan policy which states: “A student is not permitted to possess, administer, or distribute medication, whether prescription or non-prescription.” It also states: “If medication is given during school hours, written administration procedures from the student’s doctor/licensed health care practitioner are given to designated school personnel.” This policy is to ensure that medications are administered in a supervised and safe environment.

If it is necessary for your child to receive a prescription or non-prescription medication during school hours, we must have this written order from your child’s physician or health care practitioner: Medication Authorization Form (or a prescription from the pediatrician).

All medications must come to school in the original container labeled with your child’s name (pharmacists will provide a duplicate container if needed) or the original package for non-prescription medications. Please check the expiration date. We will never administer expired medications.

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