The Learning Cottage

The Learning Cottage is dedicated to serving the needs of your child. Our preschool programs provide an opportunity for your child to develop spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and physically within a loving and nurturing environment of the Catholic school. Spiritually, your child will learn that God is with him/her “always and in all ways.” Socially, your child will learn to respect others, to share, and to develop independence. Intellectually, your child will learn through a multi-sensory approach, hands-on experiences, and self-directed activities. Physically, your child will strengthen fine and gross motor skills. The Learning Cottage offers half-day and full-day preschool for ages three to five. The morning encompasses the entire curriculum, and the optional afternoon session involves enrichment activities. Preschoolers graduating from our program are well-prepared for kindergarten. 
 Preschool Hours
Curriculum Overview (Morning)

Reading: Daily phonemic awareness activities supplemented with bible stories, computer games, and letter-sound recognition.

Math: Daily hands-on activities supplemented with manipulatives and independent activities.

Religion: Daily prayer and instruction supplemented with Bible Stories, songs, and finger plays.

Science: Exploration and observation of environmental changes and issues and even cooking from time to time.

Music: Daily singing, movement, or rhythmic activities using instruments.

Library: Weekly visit to listen to stories and check out a book.

Motor Movement: Daily inside and outside gross motor activities to strengthen physical development, including time on our playgrounds.

Enrichment Curriculum (Afternoon)

The enrichment activities offered in the afternoon for our all-day option are in addition to our preschool curriculum and may include:

Spanish: Introduction to the Spanish language and culture.

Cooking: Introduction to basic cooking vocabulary and the completion of simple foods. A fun way to use science and math skills!

Computers: Introduction to basic computer skills and working with age-appropriate activities on the computer.

Yoga: Practicing simple yoga techniques and positions. Great for coordination and boosting self confidence!

Crafts: Using the imagination and creating unique crafts – candles, birdhouses, ceramics, and more.

Gardening: From seed to plant and then what? Learning how to have that “green thumb.”

Enrichment activities are endless when children are involved. The enthusiasm and adaptability to learn is contagious among our preschoolers.

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